Jerry Apodaca has over 30 years of experience as an investor, entrepreneur and operating executive. Since co-founding Quantum AI in 2017, Jerry has focused on the operations of building the companies finance and operations. 

Since 1991, Mr. Apodaca has been CEO/CIO of QuantDynamic Investments overseeing the investments in several equity and venture funds. The investment philosophy for the equity funds is to understand any major shift in the world that will generate a new growth area in the next 5 to 20 years for new and existing companies.

In the last 25 years Mr. Apodaca has developed a Proprietary Investment Process that has been recognized in independent reports for being in the Top 1 percentile for equity returns.

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Carlos Dangelo


Dr. Carlos Dangelo has over 30 years of experience as CTO and Chief Software Lead at various companies in Silicon Valley, of which 20 of those years were in AI Machine Learning. Since co-founding Quantum AI in 2017, Dr. Dangelos has focused on building the engineering team and Quantum AI Deep Learning Software Platform.

Dr. Dangelo has an extensive track record in AI Machine Learning as leading software products deploying in Machine Learning (Deep Learning) technologies for simulation, modeling, and prediction of complex behavior of custom chips, nanotechnology processes and PATTERN RECOGNITION in imaging recognition. He has contributed and participated in all the latest AI Machine Learning disruptive technology shifts: PC, Networking, Internetmobile and Quantum Computing. He has deep knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, Software, Simulation and Predictive Modeling. Most recently with EMC/Dell where Dr. Dangelo built an engineering team to develop PRODUCTS based on Machine Learning with Deep Learning software engines to create an Advanced Recognition PLATFORM.

Dr. Carlos Dangelo, earned a Ph.D. and Master Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. He also holds an Electrical Engineering undergraduate degree. He has authored/co-authored 35 issued US Patents.